Smart Lighting Interior Decor

The future of smart lighting is here. In the past, say “smart lighting” and people would automatically think of colour-changing bulbs and being able to switch the lights on from one’s phone.

These days, smart lighting is so much more sophisticated than that. We now live in a world where we can adjust our lights’ brightness and warmth from literally anywhere in the world, and even program our home so that the lights gradually turn dimmer towards bedtime, signalling that it’s time for sleep and helping you have a consistent early bedtime.

Smart Lighting Interior Decor

Full integrations between smart home systems and lighting designers are also now a thing, meaning you’re no longer limited to a narrow range of lighting options by a single manufacturer.

One such example is the partnership between Sol Luminaire, who are experts in lighting solutions, and smart home systems like DomusInhaus and IG Solutions. These companies work hand in hand to provide smart lighting for design-led projects, so that your home is both beautiful and functional.

To help you with your search for a smart lighting system, we chatted with Joseph Ho, co-founder of local lighting company Sol Luminaire, to find out about the five factors you’ll need to consider.

Smart Lighting Interior Decor

About Sol Luminaire

A homegrown company founded in 2008, Sol Luminaire are experts in the art of lighting in design. They provide a comprehensive tailored lighting solution for both commercial and residential projects, and their flagship AEON range is designed in-house right here in Singapore.

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