01: Emillie Ferris’ hand-embroidered portrait

You’ve already done the professional studio set and that outdoor shoot with your Best Friend. What’s next? A hand-embroidered dog portrait, of course. English artist Emillie Ferris will transform your pooch photo into a hyper realistic embroidery piece, stitch by stitch. Each commission can take as long as nine weeks to complete, and the artist is currently putting a hold on new orders – keeps your eyes peeled for updates.

Emillie Ferris


02: Cloud7 Brooklyn waxed tartan dog coat

Slogan t-shirts and frilly dresses might suit some furry cuties, but some handsome pedigrees need to be suited up. With a tartan-patterned, water-repellent waxed cotton exterior, and an interior lined with uber soft fleece, this dog coat – perfect for those long walks in our unpredictable weather – is as fashionable as it is functional.


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03: Legowisko good morning pouf

Moulded out of thick grey felt and fitted with a simple round pouf, this cosy dog bed is designed so that it provides comfort and helps give Junior a sense of security. The sleek, clean lines and monochromatic colours are also a huge departure from the brightly-hued pedestrian offerings. Finally, a dog bed that is as understatedly elegant as the rest of your Nordic-inspired home.

Hello Pets


04: Heads or tails dog bed/hut

And here’s a dog accessory to match your Issey Miyake BaoBao. From Japanese design studio Nendo comes a shape-changing dog house. What stands as an igloo-like hut transforms into a cushion when Roger decides to pounce on top of it rather than burrow inside. Made out of triangular panels of synthetic leather, it comes just in black and white – “to harmonise with home interiors”, according to the creators.


05: Memorial diamond

True love is giving your four-legged the absolute best treatment – even when it has departed from this world. American company Heart In Diamond takes remains as little as a tuft of hair or ashes and transforms them into bespoke diamonds. These come in a variety of cuts and even colour (red, orange, green, blue and white), so that they become fitting eternal tributes to your beloved pet.

Heart In Diamond


06: Mr. Dog marble water bowl

From American dog accessory specialist Mr. Dog comes these sumptuous marble water bowls that you might want to steal for yourself. Marble sourced from Vermont is milled to a shape perfect for dogs to lap up a cool lick of water. It is also polished with a food grade sealant for a gleaming finish. The heavyweight material means that it cannot be easily tipped over by eager mutts, and also keeps water cooler for longer. Available in three sizes, these Instagrammable beauties come packed in a custom wood crate that are equally picture-perfect. We promise you will be doing your dog’s IG account favour with this purchase.

Mr. Dog


07: Mungo & Maud wool mix blanket

If the fur kid has already made a home out of your plush new Arflex sofa, lure it back into the dog bed by lining it with this soft blanket from luxe British pet outfitter Mungo & Maud. The 160cm by 125cm wool mix blanket is generous enough to accommodate larger pooches and sports a handsome reversible design trimmed with a finely stitched border.

Mungo & Maud

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