[dropcap size=big]C[/dropcap]ome April, local consumer robotics start-up Sybo Tech Singapore will launch an electronic transparent ball that entertains pets, while giving owners updates on their welfare through live video streaming. The toy, Pebby, can be set (via an app) to follow the animal, or tease it with a series of advance-retreat movements.

According to Hansen Goh, 26, co-founder of Sybo Tech Singapore, the device was designed to keep an eye on the pet, as well as keep it entertained, when it is home alone.

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Goh’s idea is aligned with the trend of pet owners looking for new ways to care for their animals. At the one-year-old Wagington Luxury Pet Hotel on Dempsey Hill, for example, pets can rest on soft orthopaedic beds, eat gourmet meals and luxuriate in a spa that provides masks and facials. The hotel’s largest suite, at 96 sq ft, is kitted out with a crystal chandelier and a queen-size bed on which pets can watch animal films on a 32-inch LED television.

Says founder Estelle Tayler, who last month introduced Swarovski crystal drinking bowls and pet collars: “More owners are asking for beautiful accessories with which to pamper their pets.” Here’s more of what the top dog – or cat – can expect.



Founded by former lawyer Ong Luyi, Wagging Rights day-care centre provides wholesome gourmet food for dogs. Meals are prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables like blueberries, pumpkin and Chinese cabbage, with a side of protein like beef or chicken that can be served raw, depending on a dog’s diet. 337 Joo Chiat Road, Tel: 6447-0335.



Treatments at Petopia include a micro-bubble bath that eliminates body odours and clay body wraps used with infrared machines from Japan for a deep skin and coat cleanse. The centre also offers massages and aromatherapy to soothe pets displaying signs of ageing or depression. 26 Jalan Kelulut, Tel: 6886-9056.




Pet Cruise is a service launched by boat owner Joe Howe where dogs get life jackets aboard a 7.8m-long catamaran, so they can enjoy a swim in the open sea while their owners sail to a nearby island for the day. Tel: 9637-5009.