[dropcap size=small]L[/dropcap]ugging your baggage from place to place on a trip is a hassle best left for someone else. Soon to come in Japan is a luggage forwarding service within the country for travellers who don’t speak Japanese. Imagine taking the bullet train without having to roll your suitcase on board, or shopping zealously without having to haul that weight around.

The service is available when you book a trip with Japanese travel agency JTB, and starts when you land at the airport.

Developed by JTB, electronics corporation Panasonic, and door-to-door parcel delivery Yamato Transport (which owns
a Singapore edition, Ta-Q-Bin), the service picks up bags from the airport and drops them o at guests’ hotels. Upon check-out, each barcode-tagged piece of luggage is packed o to its owner’s next stop.

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Should visitors need to switch stops midway through their holiday, an English-language website for updating and altering destinations is available – they just have to make sure that any changes are made by the evening before.

This service is currently undergoing tests (September – October 2016), with a full launch slated for March 2017. The three companies will extend their luggage-free travel service across 5,000 hotels by 2020.

Image credit: Click Photos