[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]nother upmarket kitchen specialist joins the ranks of Smeg, Miele and Gaggenau in Singapore – Valcucine Kitchens, who has been steadily expanding in Southeast Asia under distributorship Roberto Designs.

The brand’s first Singapore showroom opened on June 7 2016, unveiled in a media preview by Valcucine CEO Stefano Core and design director of Roberto Designs, Roberto Puccini.

What makes Valcucine stand out from brands that have already made their mark locally? Its commitment to being ecologically friendly. “Valcucine is driven by sustainability and ergonomic (design),” said Core, “This is the reason why one of our values is well-being – not only of people, but also the environment.”

This could be seen in the new systems rolled out by the brand on opening day. Take, for example, the kitchen system (a cabinet-counter where a stove can be installed) Artematica Vitrum, a combination of base unit (the basic cabinet-counter) Invitrum and door system Artematica. Here are three ways the Vitrum is able to contribute to saving the environment:

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01: Can be Recycled

The system is the only fully recyclable kitchen in the world, as Invitrum is made entirely of glass and aluminium (also a first) and Artematica, aluminium. In fact, Invitrum uses secondary alumiunium, which already has been once recycled. The system also uses purely mechanical joints instead of adhesive glue, which results in less toxic emissions.

02: Saves on Raw Materials

Vitrum requires less materials as compared to a traditional kitchen, as it is created with panels thinner by at least 10mm on all sides. This saves about 73 percent of raw materials. However, this does not mean a drop in quality. According to Puccini, Valcucine conducts extensive research and development before releasing a new system to ensure the quality is up to par.

03: Durable and Lasting

The tempered glass and aluminium frames on the Vitrum are “harder than steel” and are able to resist wear and tear in the kitchen from water, heat and high impact. This allows the system to last for at least two decades, which Core quipped is about the same period as three Italian marriages. This emphasis on a long-lasting product is at odds with the disposable culture more commonplace these days.

Despite its focus on eco-compatibility, the Artematic Vitrum is also aesthetically sleek and neat. The finishing can be done in a variety of materials such as wood, lacquer, stone, and glass, with up to three tones in colour combinations.

The Valcucine showroom is located at 182 Clemenceau Avenue. Tel: 6278-9118. www.valcucine.com