Viryl_WarmTone_Vinyl (2)

[dropcap size=small]V[/dropcap]inyl records have been back in vogue for a good half-decade now. Yet the scarcity of first pressings in good shape means hardcore fans may find their library limited.

Here’s a chance to truly be part of that resurgence: a S$280,000 vinyl press that’s the first of its kind built in 30 years, so long has the industry slept. The Canadian company behind it has given it a pretty nondescript name, Warm Tone, but in reality the machine is nothing short of revolutionary when compared to its counterparts from the 60s and 70s.

Advanced software and sensors have removed the reliance on a half-dozen employees, who introduced human error to the pressing process. Machine-monitored quality control means you can just flip a switch on, go to bed, and have an armful of unique door gifts for your next few functions. And yes, it’s smartphone and cloud-compatible, so you can monitor how those pressings are going while at the office.

While pitched at industry players rather than end-users, there’s no reason why Warm Tone can’t be set up for home use. You might have to set aside the basement or part of the garage for it, and call in a contractor to set up the relevant piping and vents, but that’s the price of passion. You’ll also be the coolest kid on the block once that’s done. Just make sure that your circle of friends are (enlightened) vinyl lovers; failing which, you could gift them a premium turntable as an early Christmas present.

And, for the record, here’s what traditional pressing looks like.