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Unusual Boy Chanel bags to own

The French luxury maison reinvents the Boy each fashion season to release special novelty editions.

Chanel’s Boy handbag was an instant classic the moment it hit the brand’s Autumn/Winter runway in 2011, winning over critics and fans alike with its clean lines and utilitarian style. Karl Lagerfeld was inspired not only by Coco Chanel’s boyish attitude; it was also his tribute to her love affair with English polo player Arthur “Boy” Capel. The result is a modern, minimal bag with an edge of androgyny. The bag’s quilted leather and double-C clasp are unmistakably classic Chanel, but the French luxury maison is famous for its novelty releases – just have a look at these special editions of the Boy bag.

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1. Pearl Boy Bag

The limited edition Boy bag perfectly encapsulates the brand’s androgynous codes, juxtaposing the punk-toughness of its thick chains and oxidised metal with the soft sheen of pearls set on satin.

  • chanel-pearl-boy-bag-1


2. Boy Brick Flap Bag

Sister to the massively popular “Lego” bag, the Boy Brick features a similar toy brick-inspired design on its flap. Launched in 2015, the lambskin bag exudes both playfulness and elegance, while its weathered antique brass hardware lends gravitas.



3. So Black Bag in Caviar

Like the incredibly popular ‘So Black’ Classic Flap, the ‘So Black’ Boy was also highly sought after, flying off the shelves when it was launched in 2017. It’s not available every season. The all-black bag is crafted in luxurious calfskin caviar leather, accented with sensuous ruthenium hardware.

  • chanel-so-black-caviar-bag-1


4. Rainbow Boy Bag

In delicious sorbet colours, the Rainbow first dropped during the Cruise 2017 runway show. The multicoloured bags are decidedly girly, with the dreamy pastel hues softening when the brand revisited the design for the Cruise 2018 show.


5. Multi Chains Boy Bag

Perhaps the most obviously punk edition of the Boy, the Multi Chains unsurprisingly features several chains of different sizes across the front of the flap. Surprisingly more rugged than the versions of Boy, it’s a reminder of how successfully Chanel is able to reinvent itself each season.

  • chanel-multi-chains-bag-1

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