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8 candles to set the mood

From tuberose to oud, these sensual scents have more staying power than a transcient bouquet of flowers.

Whether you’re planning a romantic candlelit dinner or a quiet evening on your chesterfield sofa with that Barolo you’ve been meaning to decant, don’t forget to set the stage for romance with the right ambience. From dim lighting to a warm, enveloping scent, priming the scene for a romantic night in can be as simple as one (or a few) strategically placed candles.

  • 8 Candles To Set The Mood For Love This Valentine’s Day Maison Christian Dior Eau Noire Candle

    Maison Christian Dior Eau Noire Candle

    Handcrafted with traditional wax-making techniques, the candles under the Maison Christian Dior range are precious, luxurious and exquisite. Not only do they elevate your home, the scents also set the tone for various occasions, be it entertaining dinner guests or a night of romance. And with notes like lavender and vanilla (which are widely regarded as the best scents to increase sexual appetite), the Eau Noire candle is also accompanied with cedar essences puts a sophisticated spin on a night of romance.

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