Swedish musician Martin Molin took a chance by putting all his marbles in one machine – and it has gone viral.

The video of the musician’s handmade contraption, The Wintergaten Marble Machine, amassed over 3 million views since he uploaded it last week.

Molin, who made this impressive wooden device by moulding and adjusting each individual piece (similar to the technique of moulding clothes directly onto a doll), took over 14 months to finish putting together all 3,000 levers, pulleys and gears. Over 2,000 marbles run through tracks and funnels to hit different instruments like a bass guitar, a percussion and a kick drum.

While marble machines are not new, the magic here lies in how the music is controlled by the levers and gears. Molin is fascinating to watch as a conductor, cranking wheels and pushing up levers to bring the fancy music box to life in the form of beautiful, lilting tunes.

Molin will take the marble machine on tour with his band, Detektivbyran, come this summer.

Original video was taken from Wintergaten.