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[VIDEO] Which Jobs Will (or Won’t) Machines Replace? TED Talk Answers the Question

Teachers, lawyers, doctors - no one is safe from the 'threat' of a machine doing it better, faster, and tirelessly. Anthony Goldbloom, founder-CEO of Kaggle, discusses which job functions are prone to replacement.

The findings of a 2013 Oxford research paper stunned the world: as it turns out, 1 in 2 jobs run a high risk of becoming eventually automated – effectively cutting humans out of the ideal candidate pool for those positions.

Founder-CEO of Silicon Valley startup, Keggle, Anthony Goldbloom, clears up the air on that conclusion. His company’s business is in machine learning, a key aspect of artificial intelligence that’s making machines “smarter” by the hour, so they’re privy to exactly which types of professions are safe from a robot incursion, and which can be easily replaced  by programs and algorithms.