A 2014 survey discovered Singapore was the third most sleep-deprived city in the world, ranking behind Tokyo and Seoul. Seven years later, nothing much has changed. We’re still in the top five, according to another global sleep survey conducted by Philips this year.

It is this desire for better sleep that drove Ryan Yim and Daniel Tan to build Weavve Home, a local bedding start-up, in 2019. Two years on, the duo has grown the company to a team of 16 people. Sales have followed suit. “Since early last year, we’ve grown revenues by over 20 times,” says Tan, and attributes this growth to customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

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Yim shares that Weavve Home has over 500 verified reviews by real customers on its website, with many five-star ratings. “We read every review and we’re really heartened to know how we have brought a better sleep experience to everyone,” he says.

The both of them are continuing to grow the business, with an emphasis on research and development, and recently released a lyocell duvet made fully from Tencel. 

Tan says, “Ryan and I were having difficulty finding a duvet that matched our needs, so we wanted to create one that would cater to hot and cold sleepers in this part of the world. Many of our customers told us how much they love the cooling and comfortable Tencel lyocell material that our sheets and mattress protectors come in. So we thought we could give them the complete experience. This Tencel duvet is lightweight and perfect for our tropical climate. It can provide warmth in cooler temperatures like air-conditioned rooms and is also suitable for those who prefer to sleep with only a fan.”

In the same vein, they knew most people don’t wash duvets as frequently as bedsheets and pillowcases. So they treated the duvet with Dupont’s patented Silvadur silver ion technology, which guards against bacteria, mould and fungi.

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Lyocell duvet by Weavve Home.
Yim and Tan went through multiple rounds of prototyping to arrive at the finished product.

It’s this attention to detail that has driven the growth of Weavve Home. Even before starting the company, Tan and Yim bought multiple bedsheets with higher and higher thread counts to understand what made up comfort and luxury so that they could incorporate it into the start-up’s products. Along the way, they learned that higher thread counts didn’t equate to better comfort and quality.

Now, Tan and Yim are focused on the launch of its first set of limited edition printed sheets with Scene Shang. “The collection features its award-winning ‘Love is a Warm Brew’ and ‘Jade Blossoms’ prints on our Lyocell sheets,” says Tan. They’re also exploring other Tencel products outside of bed and bath, buoyed by the hearty reception that their current ranges have gotten from customers. Now that they’ve brought better sleep, perhaps they can rejuvenate our waking hours, too.