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Where to photograph your car, according to the experts

Photographers and professionals in the car industry share their thoughts and tips on the best spots for car photography.

Singapore might be a tiny island but our country has such diverse settings, which means we have so many choices when it comes to picking a backdrop for photography. Our skyline is, of course, a hot favourite, but there are also more ‘rural’ spots to consider where you could pretend you went overseas to shoot your photos.

And, when it comes to car photography, you also preferably want somewhere with no distractions, where the vehicle takes centrestage. We spoke to those in the know to get their suggestions on some awesome places in Singapore to photograph your car in. Psst, they work for wedding photography too.

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    Rooftop carparks at People’s Park Centre

    Adrian Vanq, from Zotiq Visuals

    "For static shots, I recommend People’s Park Complex’s rooftop car park as it offers a great view of the Central Business District buildings, Chinatown and the old flats around it. Each angle has a different kind of look that will eventually give you a variety of photos. Best time to go will be in the morning for the best lighting.”


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