White Room Studio

Housed in a light-filled Peranakan shophouse, White Room Studio has designed an array of spaces that set the stage for every special moment. (Photo: White Room Studio Pte Ltd)

For siblings Elaine Lim and Dan Yeo, founders of White Room Studio, photography has always been a part of their family bonding time. Their mother loved taking photographs and often used her children as subjects. Today, the pair help others create their own cherished moments at White Room Studio, which has since 2009 built a reputation for its captivating portraiture. 

The photography studio has worked with more than 10,000 clients — ranging from families and couples to newborns and companies — to capture an extensive array of occasions and achievements. It is supported by an award-winning team of accomplished and prolific photographers who capture images where everyone not only looks great but feels so too. 

White Room Studio
White Room Studio is the go-to studio for family portraiture and corporate photography.

This is especially crucial for family and company portraits that may also serve as meaningful legacies for generations to come. With this in mind, White Room Studio strives to make every photography experience enjoyable and comfortable. 

It all starts with customer service, and the process has been thoughtfully designed to make each journey stress-free, from crafting a theme or mood for the photos to working through details such as outfits, hair and makeup, pets and even props. Photographic expertise aside, the studio’s strength lies in its warmth and hospitality — anyone who stands before their cameras always feels at ease and is confident.  

Creating picture-perfect memories

White Room Studio
A newborn photoshoot for a young family, bathed in natural light. (Photo: White Room Studio Pte Ltd)

At the shoot itself, clients bask in the limelight as a photographer guides them through expressions and poses. To ensure each session runs smoothly (or to tackle emergencies such as a creased linen shirt), meanwhile, are a team of dependable studio assistants. After the shoot, clients are invited for a review session to choose their favourite photographs.

What many clients love about White Room Studio — Google reviews often include “studio décor is beautiful”, “loved the ambience”, and “awesome space” — is its light-filled Peranakan shophouse location. Indeed, the studio is meticulously and creatively built to elevate even the most intimate memories with an element of elegance or edgy cool.   

A photo studio with myriad themes, from Peranakan to Classic French

White Room Studio
Commemorating their graduation with the rain trees of Fort Canning as a backdrop. (Photo: White Room Studio Pte Ltd)

Sprawled across 2,400 sq ft, with wooden floorboards dating from 1927, and bathed in natural light, this tastefully appointed space offers myriad concepts to suit different moods, looks and themes. 

A Peranakan corner, inspired by traditional tiles, aptly encapsulates the community’s rich and colourful sensibility. It also harks back to the heritage of the shophouse, which Elaine Lim and Dan Yeo restored to its rustic beauty. For some French Classic flair, clean white walls are embellished with intricate full-height wainscoting — finished with stylish vintage-style furniture upholstered in plush fabrics. 

White Room Studio
White Room Studio’s forte is in creating tangible legacies for families. (Photo: White Room Studio Pte Ltd)

An iconic setting at White Room Studio is its expansive balcony. Overlooking the majestic rain trees of Fort Canning Park, it affords a backdrop of lush greens to give photos a natural, invigorating vibe.

That’s not all. White Room Studio has kept ahead of clients’ expectations and needs with a slew of dedicated facilities such as changing rooms and a makeup room. Expect swanky amenities as well, including an executive guest lounge with pantry stocked with complimentary coffee and tea. And there’s complimentary WiFi too.  

White Room Studio
OncoCare Cancer Centre’s corporate photoshoot. (Photo: White Room Studio Pte Ltd)

With its inimitable blend of imagination and ingenuity, White Room Studio has established a mise en scene filled with memories you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come. Go on, strike a pose, and smile. 

Get your favourite memories captured at White Room Studio at 219 River Valley Road, Level 2, S238277. Contact  8769-6003 or enquiry@whiteroomstudio.com.sg. More info at www.whiteroomstudio.com.sg.  

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