[dropcap size=small]P[/dropcap]ewter has come a long way since its ancient days, but one particular design that stands out in its history is the pewterware that was crafted in colonial-era America. This is the foundation of Royal Selangor’s Liberty collection, and the brand has extended the range with a selection of finely crafted vessels – just in time for shoppers on the lookout for elegant gifts this Christmas season.


The Liberty II collection brings to life the simple, unpretentious style of the New World in elegant choice pieces for the home. The design aesthetic, with roots in the metalware of Europe, features sculpted curves and polished surfaces – and all bear Royal Selangor’s hallmark of quality craftsmanship.


Take, for instance, the Wallingford coffee pot. The tall, tapered vessel comes in a brilliant finish, and its historical style recalls the spirit of the American colonialists, whose rousing opposition against London’s tea tax, known as the Boston Tea Party protests, paved the way for coffee to become a favoured imported beverage. The sleek-looking Wallingford pot is a perfect housewarming gift for elevating the at-home coffee experience.


Another stylish addition to any home is the Jefferson container, modelled after a late 1800s Palladian-style tobacco box. This pewter tub provides a snug space for storing sweets or knick-knacks. Interestingly, it comes in a shape favoured by the third US president Thomas Jefferson, a founding father integral to the formation of an independent America. For a personal touch, Royal Selangor provides engraving services.


For those who enjoy a sip on the go, Liberty II includes two versions of hip flasks. The Lancaster edition comes with a stylish moulded rim, reminiscent of a late 18th century dram bottle, while the Delaware iteration sports moulded concentric rings – a motif adapted from the lid of hinged boxes hailing from the 19th century.


Liberty II’s tankards come in two versions as well: the Philadelphia and the Boston. Toast to special occasions using the Philadelphia, with its straight design accent based on tankards made by William Will, an acclaimed 18th century American pewtersmith. The tulip-shaped Boston tankard, on the other hand, showcases gentle curves of such baluster-shaped vessels from the early 18th century.


Royal Selangor’s attention to detail is also exhibited in its Burke tray, outlined with its distinctive Georgian-style pie crust rim and presenting a highly burnished surface.

To view the Liberty collection, visit Royal Selangor retail stores and authorised dealers, or go online at www.royalselangor.com.

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