The Leed certification by the US Green Building Council is an internationally recognised standard. Inspections are comprehensive, resulting in four award categories: certified, silver, gold and platinum. Here are four other properties on the platinum list.

Asia Square
The twin buildings in the CBD that house tenants like Citi and business hotel The Westin Singapore are one out of only four Leed platinum-certified properties in Singapore. The environment-friendly features include a roof covered by solar cells that generate 270,000 kWh of energy per year, and a generation plant that converts used cooking oil from F&B establishments into biodiesel for power generators.

Naked Stables Private Reserve
Two hours out of smoggy Shanghai is Naked Stables Private Reserve, a spacious luxury resort of treetop villas and huts. It is lodged in bamboo reserves and depends on natural light. Huts are constructed from sirewall – compacted earth which creates temperature insulation that reduces air-conditioning or heating needs. The resort received its platinum rating in 2013.

Bardessono Hotel & Spa
Visit Napa Valley’s Michelin-star restaurants and famous wineries but minimise your carbon footprint with Bardessono Hotel & Spa. It received its platinum rating in 2010 for using solar energy which provides half of the property’s electricity needs and recycling wood from old furniture and wine casks into fixtures like ceilings and tables.

Hotel Verde
The Cape Town hotel, which received the platinum rating last year, is the first in continental Africa to be awarded. It boasts of being 70 per cent more efficient in energy use through its use of wind turbines and solar panels, compared to other hotels in the city. A water recycling system reduces usage by 37 per cent.

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