[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]n an effort to draw your eyes away from the beautiful view of the Padang and to your drink, Yugnes Susela, head bartender of Smoke & Mirrors, has created a visually expressive new menu that will tease the senses.

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Concoctions from the new Playful Eye menu include the “M.C – N.L”, a beautiful mix of cacao vodka, sweet vermouth, coconut nectar and pineapple, served in a glass bottle nestled in very convincing-looking, edible soil. Or have a guess at what the little “rocks” served alongside its signature “Smoke & Mirrors” cocktail are made of. New spirits have also been added to the menu, including Rutte’s Celery Gin from the Netherlands, Kavalan Solist and La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra Del Tigre mezcal.


If you didn’t know Atlas has a tremendous selection of champagnes on top of its already legendary gin collection, you need to put down your martini for a second. The stunning bar is home to over 300 labels, and includes rarities such as the Paul Sadi “Clos Virgile” 2012 and Ulysse Collin’s Quintet Collection. Thirty labels are available by the glass or through flights, and they can fly in requested bottles from Champagne for guests. Just ask.

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Rank 6th on 2017’s Asia’s 50 Best Bars, Operation Dagger is advancing its lauded ingredient-forward experimentation. It’s launched a seasonal menu that showcases both creativity and eco-friendliness. The “Broccolini” dish, for instance, is served with macadamia “cream” and is made from leftover pulp used in the creation of cocktails such as the Macadamia, pictured below. A toast to Mother Nature!