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5 local heritage snacks to try in Singapore

Made in keeping with time-honoured traditions, these sweet and savoury treats come from some of Singapore's most established old-school stalls and confectioneries.

  • Ang ku kueh from Ji Xiang Confectionery

    Ji Xiang Confectionery is possibly the only food business in Singapore that specialises in handmade ang ku kueh. To prevent any form of “piracy”, the Ji Xiang name is specially carved out by a mahjong tile maker, and secured in the centre of the mould. “We continue to hand-craft our kueh because we can get thinner and more delicate skin that way. If machines are used, you can’t control the skin’s thickness,” says founder Toh Poh Seek.

    A lot of effort goes into the making of Ji Xiang’s ang ku kueh. For instance, the mung bean filling is painstakingly steamed, mashed, stir-fried, and then mixed with oil and pandan water. Banana leaves have to be cut, washed and wiped down. And after steaming in large tiered steamers for seven minutes, the kueh needs to be cooled down completely before being packed.

    Quality, freshness and consistency are important for Ji Xiang. “We buy coconut from Tekka, and source peanuts from a reputable supplier,” shares Toh. “We also make sure that our recipe is not too sweet or oily.”

    To date, the best sellers are the traditional flavours of peanut and mung bean. To cater to the younger generation, flavours like coconut, yam, corn, and durian are offered to boot.

    #01-33, Block 1 Everton Park, Tel: 6223 1631

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