Tanglin Barrel-Aged Gin

One of the pioneers of locally made gin, Tanglin has taken its base orchid gin and aged it in Garrison Brothers bourbon barrels. The spirit doesn’t just sit in casks, though – the barrels are continuously rolled around for an arguably speedier ageing process that infuses the gin with some of the notes you’d associate with bourbon – oak, vanilla and spices – that mingle with the gin’s base notes of vanilla, citrus and herbs.

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Ferdinand’s Gin

Here’s one for wine fans: Avadis Distillery’s Ferdinand’s Gin is infused with riesling from the nearby Zilliken Estate, one of the top riesling producers worldwide. The gin also features locally grown botanicals that create a unique, fruit- and floral-forward spirit. The gin comes in four expressions, including the outstanding Saar Dry Goldcap, made with the most aromatic parts of the distillate, with extra botanicals like anilla pods, dried riesling grapes, cocoa beans and mirabelle plums. The wine infused into the Goldcap is also special – the highly-awarded 2005 Goldkapsel Auslese. Also available in original, cask strength, and quince variations.

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Here’s a second one for the wine fans. Sorgin is dubbed a “winemaker’s gin”, having been made by winemakers. The spirit itself is based off a Sauvignon Blanc distillate, which is infused with botanicals like citrus zest, violets, blackcurrant buds, and vanilla-reminiscent broom flowers. Complex, fruity, and full-bodied.

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Okinawa Gin

With gin’s flexibility – any botanical is permissible as long as juniper is present – it’s easy to create expressions of a particular flavour profile. Okinawa Gin is proof of that, with the spirit made using ingredients emblematic of the southern Japanese island. A base spirit of Okinawan awamori gets an aromatic lift with guava leaves, long pepper, roselle, Japanese bitter melon and shekwasha citrus.

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It’s not often a chef creates a spirit. Tenu gin comes from the mind of Finnish Antto Melasniemi, and features botanicals from the northern, snow-covered Finnish forests including lingonberry, arctic rose and, of course, juniper. As if that’s not a compelling enough story, Tenu Gin is distilled and bottled by Finnish monks in the Valamo Monastery Distillery (which also makes a single malt). The result is a New World gin that’s subtle but nuanced and aromatic.

Available at select bars including BeGin, Alchemist Beer Lab, and Manhattan.


Atlas Orange Gin

How often does a bar have its own gin? If you’ve already got a thousand-strong collection, it’s really the next natural step. Atlas has worked with Californian distillers St George Spirits to revive the orange gin, a citrus-forward style that was popular in the early 20th centry but has faded into relative obscurity. It’s definitely not a one-note thing, though – the gin combines Seville and Bergamot oranges with the florals of Valencian orange blossom for a complex tipple. Also available in a gift box with gorgeous Art Deco crystal Waterford Coupe glasses.

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