[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he meaty fragrance from the sear. The umami juices that fill the mouth as you sink your teeth in. The succulent texture that makes you want to chomp on the patty. Few can resist the allure of a good burger. And, now, that gourmet indulgence is available in a vegan option.

Last month, Wolf Burgers launched its environmentally friendly The Future Burger. A simple lettuce, mayo and cheese combination, the sandwich rightfully highlights the vegan patty – which cooks and tastes just like a meat.

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The plant-based product from Beyond Meat, a company backed by Bill Gates, is free of cholesterol, antibiotics, soy, gluten and genetically modified organisms. The production of the patty is gentler on the environment than its meat counterpart, in terms of the emission of greenhouse gases, and land and water usage.

SINK YOUR TEETH INTO THIS Beyond Burger is available at Mezza9.

Beyond Meat made its Singapore debut in August through a food truck pop-up at Grand Hyatt Singapore and its vegan patty is now also available as Beyond Burger at its restaurant, Mezza9. This month, the hotel ups its game in the vegan department by introducing Just Egg – a mung bean egg-substitute created by San Francisco-based food innovator Just Inc. The product, designed to scramble and taste just like egg, is touted as a sustainable ingredient and requires less water and have lower carbon emissions in its production than conventional chicken eggs.

It’s available in a vegan “egg sandwich” with dairy-free cheddar, avocado puree and tomato jam at Grand Hyatt’s Oasis restaurant.

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