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Four Seasons Private Jet Journey for the Adventurous Gourmet

The private jet itineraries for 2017 include a trip for the discerning palate curated by chef Rene Redzepi and the team at two-Michelin-star Noma.

  • Culinary Discoveries explores the people and places of some of the world’s most exciting culinary destinations

Hotel group Four Seasons will be launching new itineraries for its private jet journeys in 2017, in particular a first-of-its-kind gourmet experience Culinary Discoveries. Developed together with two-Michelin-star restaurant Noma’s chef Rene Redzepi, the trip spans cities such as Tokyo, Mumbai, Copenhagen and Paris and includes unique experiences such as cooking classes with Michelin-star chefs and joining chefs in foraging for ingredients.

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Other itineraries include Global Getaway, Four Seasons’ first jet journey departing from Singapore and International Intrigue, a 24-day trip to eight countries. For more information, visit