Chef Ace Tan teams up with multidisciplinary artist Andy Yang, known for his abstract visual and sound experimentations with Singapore as his canvas, for the second instalment of AISA (Art Invokes Senses and Appetites). It’s a worldwide initiative by the Dom Perignon Society that pairs chefs with creatives from various fields and saw the pair using augmented reality (AR) to accompany nine courses with Dom Perignon champagne.

Previously with 1-V:U at The Outpost Hotel Sentosa, Tan reaches for the limits of his creativity with a daring menu drawing on his experience cooking Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisine.

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Each dish evokes a sense of modernity and familiarity with a complex blend of flavours and textures. One of the favourites is gamtae spring roll, a delicate, crunchy seaweed wrap stuffed with crab and jicama, and touched with a droplet of galangal jelly. Another is smoked akami tartare with fermented plum dashi jelly, thin slices of Spanish carabinero prawns, red dates, marigold flowers, and slivers of red pepper.

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Tan and Yang interpret the seasons’ colours according to Chinese philosophy and one or two elements based on earth, fire, wood, gold, and water. The latter’s card-sized, abstract landscapes, drawn with Procreate, come alive when diners scan the Artivive app, allowing them to experience the artwork in real-time as each dish arrives.

As our dinner proceeds, older vintages of champagne match increasingly complex dishes. The robust Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2006 and the A4 Yamaguchi Wagyu from Kyoto are a perfect marriage. Two dessert courses – torch ginger sorbet with lacto white currant, crunchy bits of white fungus and candied winter melon, as well as the all-black sesame shiitake tuile hiding a quenelle of burdock kombucha sherbet with blackcurrant and black fungus – were paired with the Dom Perignon Plenitude 2 Vintage 2003.

AISA – Episode 2 continues until Feb 28.

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