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Ann Siang’s Beloved Bar Nutmeg and Clove Reopens in March

The outfit's moved a few blocks down, and the bartender's whipped up several new concoctions. Oh, and it's now under The Establishment Group.

Many were crestfallen when Nutmeg and Clove put up a Facebook closure post in January. The usual “not a goodbye, but a see-you-later” was included in typical consolatory fashion, but those familiar to such announcements know that not all businesses actually deliver on that promise.

Well, true to their word, Nutmeg and Clove will return – and they haven’t even changed their zip code very much. The Ann Siang Hill stalwart has moved a few units down the street, now occupying unit 10A. Bar manager Leon Tan has been busy concocting even more well-thought tipples that are chronicles of Singapore history as much as they are cocktails.


The amount of thought put into The Barrel Age SG Sling is astounding. Comprises gin, sandalwood infusion, orange liquor, DOM ,cherry liquor, hibiscus, pineapple, house bitters.

The bar, named for Ann Siang’s historical value as a nutmeg and clove plantation, is now under The Establishment Group umbrella, and joins the small enclave they already run at the Ann Siang area. (We highly recommend the Group’s Wanton Noodle Bar as a first stop.)

Head down to 10A Ann Siang Hill in mid-March to check out the new venue and offerings.