What: Bago at Lime House
Where: Level 2, Jiak Chuan Road (above Lime House)
Opening hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays, 5pm till 12am.
Tel: 6222 3130

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]ime to lime, as the Trinidadians in the Carribean would say. It’s their word for chilling in deliberate fashion. During a lime (yes, it’s also a noun) there’s to be no agenda other than chit-chat; no bar games or sideshows or television sets, just the pure enjoyment of each other’s company.

And thus the rum reliquary that is Bago (affectionate for Tobago) was born and shaped. Apparently, Lime House downstairs wasn’t big enough for the post-dinner liming crowd, so the management thought: why not move them into a space where they could truly live out their Carribean escapade?

Aesthetics first: Trinidadian Owner Chris Morris immaculately styled the second floor after a typical living room, replete with rattan furniture, wicker chairs, and plush sofas you will not want to get out of. There are even vintage adverts on the walls and empty) bird cages hanging from the ceiling.

Bago at Lime House - Interior
Rattan furniture and warm colours lend the second-storey bar a homely feel, where conversation is the key event.

Once settled into those comfortable furnishings, turn your attention to the intimidating rum list. There are over a dozen pages of options, categorised by country of origin.

Dont be intimidated – extensive notes and a little history lesson are included for each category of rum.

And that’s excluding the cocktails, which work in head bartender Davide Boncinimo’s masterful infusions, many of which are used to offset the grassy bite of rum (cardamom and chilli? Count us in.)

We usually recommend cocktail, but the fun at Bago is to throw all those preconceived notions out the window, and trust the bartender to expand your rum vocabulary for you. To that end, here’s their ‘Bago Build’ page that’ll help you articulate your cravings – pick two and tweak the desired intensity, and Boncinimo will return with something that hits the spot.


But if you want a place to start…

There are plans to turn the rooftop into a lounging and party area, too – so you’ll have a one-stop dining-and-liming experience come 2017.

What it feels like: Being shipped to Tobago for a night, in a rum barrel.

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