[dropcap size=small]B[/dropcap]asilico is one of those places that you’d return to again and again for its consistently executed Italian offerings. Its well-curated antipasti and dessert buffet spreads are replenished promptly throughout the meal. And, if that’s not enough, you have the option of adding a main course such as angus beef tenderloin or roasted cod fish to your meal.

Take it up a notch with Sunday brunch, which offers free flow prosecco or champagne, a seafood bar, grill station, and a cheese room featuring 40 regional Italian farm cheeses.

Basilico presents 40 regional Italian farm cheeses for Sunday brunch.

Taking centre stage is the circular counter laden with wholesome salads, grilled vegetables, burrata and mozzarella cheeses, and plump Italian tomatoes, alongside Alaskan king crabs, Boston lobsters, king scallops, prawns and mussels. There is also an extensive spread of cold cuts including pancetta, mortadella, salami, bresaola, and prosciutto di parma with rock melon, alongside an assortment of dips and olives. For your carb fix, tuck into pizzas and breads such as warm and puffy black truffle foccacia, and four-cheese pizzas.

The popular antipasti spread features an excellent spread of cold cuts accompanied by dips and olives.

Pace yourself for hot foods, such as boldly flavoured roasted chicken cacciatore, octopus stew, braised lamb shanks, just-carved roasted wagyu beef rump with truffle mustard, and amarone wine-braised crispy roasted pork belly. Basilico’s Italian chefs also turn out some of the most delicious pastas in town, including linguine with pork ragout, wagyu beef lasagna, fagottini with gorgonzola cream sauce, and perfectly made risotto redolent of aromatic truffle.

Desserts are always a treat here. Whole cakes like torta al pistacchio, and the intensely chocolatey torta al cioccolato Amedei, vie with chilled vanilla panna cotta, sorbets and gelatos for attention.

Service staff are generally attentive, except when the restaurant brims (that’s when effort is needed to get their attention). Tables are however cleared rather promptly, and bubbly is topped up whenever the glasses are empty.

Level 2 Regent Singapore, S(249715)
T 6725-3232

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