[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]e expected to be treated to premium ingredients such as chutoro, otoro and uni in an omakase meal at Ki-sho. What we didn’t expect was to be served multiple courses featuring the highly coveted trio.

Precise execution and a generosity with premium ingredients bring about impressive offerings such as a Hida beef roll topped with uni.

Our lunch started with a serving of chutoro and otoro sashimi. This progressed straight into a cold dish of tofu snowed under an avalanche of urchin, salmon roe, sweet sea prawn and a fl uttering of gold foil. The flavours were pure and the textures delicate, but decidedly decadent. That set the tone for the rest of our meal, which saw no less than five courses featuring different types of uni, including the penultimate finale of an aburi Hida beef roll served with a nugget of shoyu-marinated egg yolk and blanketed under tongues of urchin. The presentation of this dish is also worth a note: Instead of a torch, white-hot binchotan on a metal grill was placed over the beef rolls to sear the surface in a more elegant yet no less dramatic fashion.

Hokkaido hairy crab with ikura and gold flakes, as well as seabream roe with bamboo shoot.

Yet the rest of the meal was just as enjoyable. The finely executed nigiri sushi, interspersed throughout the meal, served as excellent interludes to the rich flavours of the show-stopper courses. Another unassuming-looking dish featured succulent amadai, its scales – fried to a crisp – so achingly brittle that they crinkled like the thinnest of pastry. Such precise execution, combined with an overwhelming generosity in the use of premium ingredients, makes a meal at Ki-sho one that impresses.

Ki-sho’s chef preparing dishes at the sushi counter.

The sushi counter makes a perfect setting for an intimate meal, and the culinary maestros in action certainly help to liven up the experience. For those seeking greater privacy, there are formal dining rooms on the second floor, opulently dressed in imported gold leaf wallpaper and bespoke furniture hand-crafted by Japanese artisans. The second floor features a sake bar, Kakure. It offers one of the largest sake lists in Singapore, and is curated by Ki-sho’s certified sake sommeliers. Come sip and savour.

29 Scotts Road, S(228224)
T 6733-5251

The full list of Singapore’s Best at
G Restaurant Awards 2017.

All tastings conducted incognito with esteemed members of G’s Food Panel.