Bo Innovation

The ‘Demon Chef’ may be best known for his innovative (and sometimes controversial) take on Chinese flavours, which he dubbs X-treme Chinese cuisine. But there’s more than just molecular ‘x-treme xiaolongbao’ to  Alvin Leung, chef-owner of the three-Michelin-star Hong Kong restaurant Bo Innovation.

In his first Singapore venture, Leung will be serving up roast duck, classic Cantonese dishes, and dimsum. Called the Forbidden Duck, the restaurant is set to open at Marina Bay Financial Centre this April. While seemingly more traditional, the menu at Forbidden Duck still showcases some elements of Leung’s creativity. The original restaurant in Causeway Bay sees five different types of Peking duck such as ‘French-style with foie gras’ and ‘Mongolian style.’

For those who want a taste of Leung’s X-treme Chinese dishes: look out for an upcoming four-hand dinner collaboration  with Summer Palace’s chef Liu Ching Hai happening on April 6 to 8. Or for a preview of what dishes to expect at Forbidden Duck – go for the a la carte dimsum menu by Leung available at Summer Palace from April 7 to 8.