Bugatti Bolide Champagne

Photo: Bugatti

Collaborations between auto-manufacturers and all sorts of brands including luxury fashion houses, skincare marques and even Peanuts (aka Snoopy and gang) are more in vogue than ever.

French automobile manufacturer Bugatti is no exception. They too have teamed up with the likes of Hermes when creating a one-of-one Bugatti Chiron for a discerning client, as well as highly complex timepiece experts Jacob & Co., and even with Black Desert, an online multiplayer game. So their ongoing collaboration with winemakers Champagne Carbon, now in its third iteration, isn’t even that much of a surprise.

Meet ƎB.03, which sees a vintage 2013 Blanc de Blancs ensconced in a carbon fibre bottle made to resemble the limited-edition Bugatti Bolide hyper sports car. The blue and black track-only beast was voted in 2021 at an international automobile design festival as the most beautiful hypercar in existence.

Its award-winning liveries have been replicated in a dual-tone blue and black carbon fibre vessel, as were the Bolide’s signature ‘X’ motifs on its front and back panels, now reproduced on both sides of the bottle. 

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A champagne bottle inspired by Formula 1 racing

Bugatti ƎB.03 Carbon Champagne
Photo: Bugatti

As for the Champagne itself, it was the result of “a cold and wet winter in 2013, followed by a cool spring and a late grape harvest”, according to the press release. This yielded an intense and fresh bottle of vino with great acidity and even better ageing potential. 

This collaboration with a fancy carbon fibre-covered bottle was made possible thanks to the wiles of Champagne Carbon. Founder and fifth-gen champagne producer Alexandre Mea’s second passion is Formula 1 racing – which is why he poured time and effort into producing intriguing carbon fibre bottles like what we see above.

ƎB.03 can be yours too for a reasonable US$295 (about S$410), which is a sight cheaper than an actual Bugatti Bolide, which goes for a whopping S$6.6 million. Alexandre says its tasting notes include “initial scents of citrus, followed by aromas of spring flowers”, growing into “yellow citrus, toasty notes and aromatic herbs” with an acidic finish. Pairing options include “a scallop ceviche, a red tuna sashimi or a filet of Saint-Pierre with citrus fruits.”

Previous collaborations with the winery include a celebratory black and orange bottle of 2006 Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru when the Chiron Super Sport 300+ shattered the 300mph (482kph) barrier; as well as a blue-tined bottle of bubbly back in 2018 to commemorate Bugatti’s 110th birthday.

Get ƎB.03 from Champagne Carbon. More on the Bugatti Bolide.