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Celebrate Father’s Day at these restaurants serving up top-notch meats

Carnivorous dads would approve of these hefty treats.

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    Morton's The Steakhouse
    It's easy to love bacon. Harder to convince your cardiologist that a little bit of it won’t hurt. Trust legendary steakhouse Morton's to up the stakes with the Rolls-Royce of rashers – thick-cut Nueske’s bacon. The new addition to the menu is smoked over apple and wild cherry wood before it’s seared and coated with a peach-bourbon glaze. Breakfast this is not. For dads who prefer beef over pork, they can still choose from Morton’s stellar roll call of fine steaks, including the American Wagyu Royal Ribeye Cap Steak which combines the robust flavour ribeyes are known for with the tenderness of tenderloin.

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