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Chinese New Year 2021: What to have for your reunion dinner

This 2021, usher in the year of the ox with some of the best dining and takeaway options Singapore has to offer.

While festivities might be slightly more limited this time round, it doesn’t mean that the Lunar New Year celebrations have to be any less convivial. Phase 3 and its allowance of eight in a party, after all, is still quite a number – not to mention an auspicious one, especially favoured for its connotations of luck, prosperity and wealth. 

Usher in the year of the ox with the refreshing, wholesome and exhilarating menus that have graced our shores this new year and celebrate, if not the preceding year of adversities overcome, the following one of new beginnings and endless possibilities, each more exciting than the last.

  • Yan wok fried lobster superior sauce


    Enjoy Yan’s bona fide Cantonese offerings from their roost in the National Gallery with a bevy of resplendent Lunar New Year menus. Highlights include fish maw in an enriching stock comprised of cordyceps flower, Jinhua ham, pork bones and lean pork that’s been through an extensive eight-hour double-boiling process; whole spring chicken, deep-fried then braised for three hours and accompanied by 6-head abalone; and crowd-pleaser and Cantonese classic stir-fried ee fu noodles, given a new year twist with braised lobster and umami-rich cured shrimp roe. Finally, dessert comes in the form of double-boiled bird’s nest fortified by lily, white fungus, wolfberry and lotus seed brewed in a pandan broth. There’s also take-home options like whole roasted suckling pig, and the restaurant's signature roast duck duck, New Year’s pastries and more.

    Available from January 28 to February 26.

    #05-02, National Gallery, 1 Saint Andrew’s Road. Tel: 6384-5585


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