Alfresco 64 Chivas Bar

Oh what scotch devotees would give to be held in as high regard by Chivas Regal as Lebua Hotels and Resorts. Because for the first time in the distillery’s 216-year history, it has created a unique blend exclusively for a partner: the Lebua Blend. It was created to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their partnership and the launch of Alfresco 64 – A Chivas Bar, the world’s highest whisky bar at The Dome at Lebua in Bangkok.

Chivas exclusive blend and Chivas Regal Ultis
PEDIGREED POURS A wide range of other Chivas Regal editions will also be served here, such as the Chivas Regal Ultis, the brand’s first blended malt.

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Made with whiskies as old as 30 years, custodian master blender Colin Scott and his team nosed numerous casks before selecting the best for this edition. After marrying the whiskies, the blend was left to rest in a first fill sherry butt for a staggering nine years – most finishings take only two – to develop its rich and smooth character. “We’ve never really done a blend like this before but we had to create a whisky to meet the expectations of the kind of people who would go to Alfresco 64,” says Scott. “You can tell from its unusually dark colour that it’s got a lot of age, with huge flavours. Finishing it in a sherry cask is like adding cream; it enriches, emboldens and intensifies the flavour.” Only 96 bottles were made, and they will be available exclusively at Alfresco 64.