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Sweets and confectionery for Christmas gifting

Don't turn up to the party empty-handed – here's all the chocolate and pastries you'd want to bring along, or feast on at home this Christmas.

It’s that time of the year again. Spread some yuletide cheer with the rest of The Peak’s guides to a stellar holiday season – our roundup of some of the most compelling wines and spirits to giftwhere to get log cakes for your Christmas party; and some of the most luxe caterers to engage. 

  • Yolu Moku Christmas

    Yoku Moku Christmas 2019 collection

    The delicate, buttery cookies from historical Japanese confectioners Yoku Moku comes in some of the most adorable boxes we've seen this year. Designs include an illustrated holiday scene on their assorted tin, and a depiction of the nordic jultomte – basically a version of Santa – on a tin of their signature Cigare cookies.

    Available from Yoku Moku.



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