Waku Ghin Bloody Mary 150514-6

If there’s a place that comes to mind for well-executed classic cocktails, it would have to be Waku Ghin. The renowned celebrity restaurant by chef Tetsuya Wakuda recently organised a pairing of their signature cocktails with items from their bar menu. To enhance your pre-dinner experience, try the Bellini with the Australian Winter Truffle sandwich, or pair a Bloody Mary with the French Gillardeau Oyster with Aonori. The former is a play of sweet tartness and rich flavours, while the seafood vinaigrette used in the oyster for the latter pairs well with the slight spice and peppery notes of the Bloody Mary that is rimmed with truffle salt.

Chef Tetsuya Wakuda will be present at this year’s Epicurean Market by Marina Bay Sands, which will be held from 12 to 14 September. At the event this year, chef Tetsuya will be presenting master classes, and will also introduce Japanese pastries at the Waku Ghin booth for the first time.