Make more ice and start polishing those glasses – it’s back to drinking at home again for now. Here are the delivery and takeaway options from some of our favourite bars offering everything from bottled cocktails, to bar bites, and even whole meals.

5 Tips for a better drinking experience at home:

  • Miss those dense, crystal-clear ice cubes used by the best cocktail bars in the country? You can order the same ice from Tuck Lee. Still got to carve them into diamonds yourself though. 
  • Invest in proper glassware. The correct drinking vessel will very measurably enhance your experience with wine, cocktails, or even beer.
  • For cocktails – chill those glasses. If you have a dedicated fridge for beverages, do it in that to avoid off-odours tainting your glass.
  • Drinking should be social – get on a conference call with friends and family!



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