Tear out a page. Whack up a section divider. Abuse the hardcover and use it as a chopping board. Advertising firm JWT Brazil, together with cookware brand Tramontina, has produced a sexy tome on the grungy art of barbecue – one that engages the reader in more ways than one.


Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco, otherwise known as The Bible of Barbecue, guides one through the process of creating an authentic Brazilian grilling experience through three chapters, guiding the novice from starting a fire to preparing and cooking the meat, and finally serving up the meal. And tucked between the pages are not just tips and tricks on how to be a grill master, but also the tools to help you attain perfection.


First, you find a slab of charcoal that can be smashed to shards. A flip of the page provides a sheet that serves as a fire starter, while the next folds up to become a fan for the flame. And that’s just the beginning.


The next chapter opens up to unveil an apron for the chef, while yet another is a slate for sharpening the steak knife. A deceptively plain white page magically scrunches up to become a salt sprinkler for seasoning your meat. As a finishing touch, the culinary journey ends with a pull-out place mat, a serving plate for the grilled meat and vegetables, and a napkin – to mark the embarkation of the gastronomic experience.


Released in March in 2014 in an effort to promote Tramontina’s new barbecue cutlery line, Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco was delivered to a number of master barbecue chefs, while a simplified version will be sold at selected bookstores in Brazil.