[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]amiliars to the Singapore bar scene will have already sampled the mixological prowess of Byron Tan (Horse’s Mouth) and Sam Wong (Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall) – both particularly adroit at working Asian elements into cocktails. Their powers now combine at Mona Lounge, Sum Yi Tai’s new second storey hidey-hole, and they’re the only reason we’d down a pipagao-infused tipple (that’s herbal cough syrup, for the uninitiated).

Between gratifying Canto bar bites, remixed Chinese oldies that most only know the chorus of, and décor plus lighting aimed at recreating the dripping hedonism of a decadent 80’s Hong Kong, you get a perfect backdrop for living out that mobster fantasy. Some tabletops are inset with glittering mahjong tiles, for crying out loud. While you’re at it, Go with the narrative spiel of the cocktail flights – which depict the life of the eponymous and fictional Mona – or stick to the classics which Tan will be happy to whip up.

Staff were regretful to inform us that one can’t actually play mahjong in the premises (as of press time – we might have sparked a brainwave by querying). Only one question remains – can Sum Yi Tai’s scrumptious carrot cake be had in here?

Ask to see Mona to get the access code. Level 2, Sum Yi Tai, 25 Boon Tat Street, Tel: 6221-3665.