The idea behind new whisky bar The Wall is simple, yet inspired: To create a space where guests can savour good whisky without feeling overwhelmed by formal leather seats and menus that go on forever about obscure labels few have heard of.

It’s a refreshing change from the usual haunts that tend to be modelled after a gentleman’s club. Go through the doors of The Wall and you’ll see a brightly-lit space where counter seats offer plenty of chances to interact with the bar manager and really get to know that dram you’re having. And for those not prepared to dive head-first into whiskies, the bar offers a delectable menu of charcoal-grilled meat skewers to start with.


“Most whisky-focused bars in Singapore have an extensive whisky menu, but a limited snacks menu or none at all. We wanted to ease diners into the enjoyment of whisky with food, following the focus on wine pairing in the last few years,” says co-founder Han Wen.

“The market has been associating whiskies with the older and more affluent, or in the Asian context, the lao da (Chinese bosses). We want to break this misconception that whiskies should only be enjoyed with cigars at the gentlemen’s club and introduce a more casual, relaxed environment to enjoy the experience,” he continues.

Upstairs, though, is where connoisseurs looking to take it up a notch will head to savour whiskies by the bottle together with a full omakase menu. It’s also where the owners, who run an alcohol distribution business, will share their collection of rare whiskies with special guests in a private 6-seater room. Their finds include the likes of a Yamazaki 50 years and a Macallan 1948 Select Reserve 51 years.

The Wall is slated to open its doors in early October.

76 Tanjong Pagar Road, Tel: 6225-7988