[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]at Cow remains a stalwart among beef speciality restaurants here, managing to check all the right boxes for a good night out.

Wagyu expertly chargrilled over binchotan (white charcoal) is served with some salt and a dipping sauce.

Conversation flows easily as the counter seats are well spaced, so diners don’t end up jostling for elbow space or unintentionally listening in on someone else’s conversation. If talking shop is in order, there are two private rooms that offer a more intimate space to do so.

Diners can sit comfortably at Fat Cow’s counter area.

At this Japanese-inspired steakhouse, food remains of top quality, served by knowledgeable staff who easily rattle off recommendations on what cuts of beef to have. Lunch sets offer good value, such as The Fat Cow Donburi bowl featuring tender slices of charcoal-grilled beef with onsen egg and shredded leeks over perfectly cooked rice. Or, if you want even more indulgence, enjoy the rice bowl with cubes of wagyu and glazed foie gras. Dinner is a more formal affair. The half cuts of Tochigi Grade A5 Ribeye and Miyazaki Grade A4 Striploin are grilled over binchotan and served with salt and a yuzu pepper dipping sauce – simple but wholly satisfying. If you like, you can also have beef prepared as shabu-shabu and sukiyaki.

Fat Cow’s donburi sets come with perfectly cooked rice topped with grilled wagyu slices and a wobbly onsen egg.

At Fat Cow, it’s not only about the beef. The tai no kuro-toryufu is a medley of fresh sweetness from slices of raw sea bream and earthiness from shavings of black truffle.

The wine list is not extensive, but carries popular labels such as Cape Mentelle from Margaret River, and Beringer Private Reserve from Napa Valley, which pair well with the food. Fat Cow also offers sake, umeshu and sake by the bottle. Our recommendation is to order a bottle and settle in to enjoy the beef with some good conversation.

#01-01/02, Camden Medical Centre, S(248649)
T 6735-0308

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