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Fluffy pancakes: Where to get souffle pancakes in Singapore

New souffle pancake joints are opening up all over the island — hit these up to find fluff that's up to snuff.

Another day, another place selling fluffy pancakes. Ever since the trend from Japan gained traction on social media, the highly-instagrammable souffle pancakes that set up shop up here have been selling like hotcakes. Here’s where you can get yourself some of the good fluffy stuff.

  • Fluffy pancakes Gram


    If you’re familiar with Osaka, chances are you probably would’ve heard of Gram Cafe and Pancakes before. Renowned for their iconic, lofty yet wobbly tower of fluffy souffle pancakes, the pancake house has decided to open their first store in Singapore on 16 June. The pancakes are served with maple syrup, homemade butter, and whipped cream — a simple yet delectable combination that reflects the quality in Gram’s choice of ingredients for their pancakes, which have spawned long queues in Japan.

    Because of the amount of care that goes into preparing their souffle pancakes while trying to ease the expected queue, and in order to uphold their top-shelf standards, Gram is only serving up their premium fluffy pancakes three times a day. Batches are ready at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. — with only 30 pancakes being made available for order each time. The place also offers other flavours such as their rich tiramisu pancakes and savoury chilli con carne pancakes which, although not as fluffy, are still very yummy.

    #02–110/111, Vivocity. Tel: 8666-6277.


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