Ladies and gentlemen, let your hair down. We have the list of winners for the sixth installation of G Restaurant Awards, and it has hip, lively fun written all over it. From a shortlist of over 100 nominations – our largest ever – we picked the places that deliver exceptional dining experiences. An external panel comprising ambassadors and business leaders visited the places incognito and their opinions shaped this list.

And, with casual dining restaurants making a strong showing on the list, it is clear that having light-hearted fun is what we all like. Think places like boisterous tapas joint La Taperia and Sofitel So’s Xperience, both of which serve dinner with a side of theatrical fun. Or eateries where the barrier between chef and diner is taken away through interactive dining counters, such as at experimental “Asian-Fusion” restaurant Labyrinth and Japanese restaurant Shinzo.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not proclaiming fine dining dead. Just as Joel Robuchon and L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon sit side by side, decidedly refined restaurants continue to hold their own in the F&B landscape, with restaurants such as Waku Ghin and Cut still going strong even after the initial hype over celebrity chefs has quietened down – attesting to their substance. Revered establishments – such as Saint Pierre, Garibaldi, Les Amis and Iggy’s – that make the backbone of the local dining scene are also recognised.

This year’s list also boasts the largest number of new entries – Corner House, La Taperia, Labyrinth, Saha, Shinzo, Syun and Xperience – each with a unique concept that allows it to stand out in this competitive market. The list of new entries also cues a trend: Japanese restaurants, with their attention to detail and reverence for freshness, are rising in popularity. Eight of the 34 winning restaurants are Japanese, with Hashida Sushi clinching the Best Dinner Experience (Asian) award and Syun being named Best New Restaurant (Asian).

With bars set high by stalwarts and creativity set on fire by newcomers, Singapore’s F&B industry is set to soar to new heights. So grab a fork – or a pair of chopsticks – and come savour the best from this exciting scene.

Restaurant of the Year
Restaurant Andre

Best New Restaurant (Asian)

Best New Restaurant (Western)
Corner House

Best Business Lunch (Asian)
Fat Cow

Best Business Lunch (Western)

Best Dinner Experience (Asian)
Hashida Sushi

Best Dinner Experience (Western)

Best Wine List Asian
Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant

Best Wine List Western
Joel Robuchon Restaurant

Awards of Excellence
Alba 1836
Catalunya Singapore
Cherry Garden
CUT by Wolfgang Puck
Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck
Kaiseki Yoshiyuki
L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
La Tapería
Les Amis
Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra
Rang Mahal
Restaurant Labyrinth
Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Terrace Bar
Saint Pierre
Shinji by Kanesaka
Shinzo Japanese Cuisine
Tamashii Robataya
Taste Paradise
Tong Le Private Dining
Waku Ghin
Xperience Restaurant & Bar

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