[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]ith rich interior details such as marble finishing, panelled walls, back-lit bar, mirrored ceiling and gilded lamps, Aura stands as a uniquely flashy option (and, thankfully, a tasteful one) amid a sea of minimalist-chic restaurants. Pair that with a menu of approachable Italian classics that have been suitably made luxe and you have a combination that pulls a healthy crowd almost every night.

It does get a little noisy in here, but the buzzy atmosphere is probably exactly what puts Aura’s patrons – an eclectic mix of well-coiffed members of society and smart-suited types to uncomfortably dressed young couples and slightly awkward extended families – at ease.

The food is generally reliable. After all, with the right preparatory work, little can go wrong with easy-to-assemble dishes such as scallops crudo with smoked quail eggs, amped up by strips of julienned truffle. We also enjoy the excellent handmade pastas, including an off-menu offering of sea urchin pasta. The generously portioned main courses that satisfy include a thick-cut pork chop Milanese – a much more succulent rendition than the usual classic made with a thin fillet.

Also a draw is Aura Sky Lounge, just one floor above on the rooftop. Boasting a breathtaking view of the Padang and bay area beyond, it makes a perfect spot for pre- and post-dinner drinks – if you can get past Aura’s wine list of more than 500 labels, that is.

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