[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]f one has visited Robuchon au Dome in Macau, a meal at the Singapore outpost might feel like a pared-down experience. While the indoor courtyard area offers elegant intimacy and the finishing of the restaurant is luxurious, the main dining area – brightly lit as a Chinese restaurant, and at times just as boisterously noisy as one too – is a little incongruous with what one might expect of a French fine-dining establishment, let alone one bearing the name of the world’s most awarded chef.

That said, the more relaxed vibe clearly has the diners at ease, and might make for a more enjoyable dining experience for some. The dishes, however, remain the gold standard of fine dining. Joel Robuchon’s precise style of presentation notwithstanding, the dishes are also a class act in terms of precise execution.

A chateaubriand, presented in a Screaming Eagle wine box with smoked rosemary sprigs, is a delicious innovation of a classic. The pillow of perfectly pink roasted steak is topped with a luxuriously unctuous slab of foie gras, delivering decadence in terms of flavours and texture with every mouthful.

A dessert of rum baba, soaked to just the right degree, is yet another example of a classic elevated through sophistication in technique. The pacing of courses is also quite perfect, with just enough of a lull in between for you to savour the aftertaste of one dish, before being wowed by the next.

Joel Robuchon
Resorts World Sentosa
T 6577-7888

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