[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap] week before our scheduled dinner date, a call arrived from Scotts 27. A proposed set menu had been e-mailed to us, and the staff wanted to know if any alternatives would be required.

This attention to detail should come as no surprise. After all, running the restaurant is French chef Julien Bompard and maitre d’ Edith Lai-Bompard, both formerly of Le Saint Julien.

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The reservations-only establishment with multiple private dining rooms – which can accommodate group sizes from five persons to 30 – is a stage for the couple to reenact what they do best: French fine dining. Bompard has always been a master of French classics, so expect to dine richly here.

Ask for his signature lobster bisque which has won over the likes of South-east Asian royalty, if it doesn’t appear on the set menu. Its texture is velvety and the flavour robust, laced with a liberal splash of cognac. And just when you think you have finished the last drop, a member of the waitstaff appears with a teapot of the flavourful consomme, ready to pour a second serve.

IMG_0515 copy

An emphasis is also placed on tableside service, which calls for skill and flair. So, dessert of crepe suzette – with a choice of extra brandy in the caramel and citrus sauce, should you so fancy – becomes a theatre of sorts when prepared on a trolley by your side, ending the meal with a level of pomp and ceremony that doesn’t seem out of place.

Scotts 27
27 Scotts Road
T 6737-0895

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