[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hen Summer Pavilion underwent a revamp in November 2015, a new tableware collection was introduced. Hand-painted with floral motifs, the Italian-made porcelain tableware is of high quality, colourful and unstuffy – qualities that extend to the food, service and decor of the Cantonese restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton.

The servers, clad in tuxedo-style uniforms, are friendly and knowledgeable about the various lunch menus. They are also quick to dispense well-informed advice: When our table contemplated ordering a chef’s special comprising poached grouper, sauteed South African abalone and braised sea cucumber, our server recommended sharing a single portion, given that we were seeking variety. The serving portion turned out to be just enough to satisfy, while leaving space for enjoying the rest of the items we picked.


Among the food items, the dim sum is what many come for. The regularly updated menu includes a mix of the familiar and the unusual – but even classics are given a bit of a different spin. The char siew pau, for instance, includes preserved vegetables that give it a slightly tangy kick and balance the sweetness of the barbecued pork. Less common items include goose liver puffs, and bacon and radish puffs. While the former is a little underwhelming, the latter is delicious, with the richness of the bacon tempered by the light crunch of the radish. The efforts of executive Chinese chef Cheung Siu Kong to innovate, and update Cantonese cuisine for a modern audience, is certainly appreciated.

Summer Pavilion
Level 3 The Ritz-Carlton,
Millenia Singapore
T 6434-5286

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All tastings conducted incognito with esteemed members of G’s Food Panel.