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Whiskies from around the world

Look for the next “it” bottle from the world menu as global distilleries are turning out spirits that are ripe for the drinking.

Terroir may not have as big an effect on whisky as it does on wine. There are, after all, consistent oxidation, drying, cask-ageing and finishing processes no matter where you are in the world. Yet the hand nature deals allows for some interesting variations while demanding ingenious solutions.

Take Amrut from Bangalore, India, which has recently looked outside its burgeoning domestic market to a thirsty rest of the world. The scorching climate means biological processes such as ageing occur much faster, and that the “angel’s share” – the amount of whisky lost to evaporation – is disproportionately high. It does open the door for some wacky twists in production, however.

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“Amrut Spectrum, made in small batches, sells out almost instantly here,” says Joseph Seah, beverage manager of La Maison Du Whisky. The Spectrum, after all, was quick-aged in “mutant” casks made from American, French and Spanish wood, along with two different ex-sherry variants. “Customers love what (these brands) are doing, because they’re very experimental and daring – and they offer very, very good value on the bottle.”

There’s no better time to build an atlas of whisky – here are seven notable bottlings to start your odyssey.

  • USA Maker's Mark Cask Str

    AMERICA - Maker's Mark Cask Strength

    A straight-laced gateway bourbon to the sprawling world of American whiskey, Maker’s Mark bottles come sealed with the eponymous red wax, which makes breaking one open an appreciable ritual for the dinner guests. The use of red winter wheat, grown in the States, in place of spicier rye, results in a smooth, rounded finish after the inevitable tang from corn.

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