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5 restaurants in Singapore to get a great gluten free meal

Don't let your dietary restrictions stop you from having a delicious, award-winning and healthy meal.

“Who even heard of gluten till a few years ago?” American writer of the play Dinner With Friends, Donald Margulies, so wittily commented.

While it is a funny reference to society’s collective disdain toward people who claim to be trendily “gluten free”, the rise in awareness of this bowel sensitivity bodes well for people who actually do have Celiac’s disease. Gluten intolerance is becoming more tolerable.

Maybe some wheats remain uneatable, but a push toward exploration of different tastes awaits.  From Cantonese to Lebanese, these places of diverse cuisines prove that being gluten-free does not have to take away from being able to have an excellent meal.

  • coriander leaf

    Coriander Leaf

    Coriander, also known as Chinese parsley, is used in many Asian dishes around the world.  Thus, this Chijmes restaurant’s name truly speaks to the variety of pan-asian dishes they serve.  With authentic, modern mixed with traditional recipes, this award winning restaurant stays ahead of the curve in more ways than one, ensuring people of various tastes and meal preferences all have something waiting for them.

    Their menu is segmented into fresh, familiar, spicy, umami, and sweet, with indicated gluten-free options for all of them.  Some signature dishes being, Samia’s signature frontier chicken and barbequed ray fin, both sans gluten


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