[dropcap size=big]N[/dropcap]oma’s pop-up restaurant in Australia sold out all 5,600 seats in 90 seconds when reservations opened last year.

No surprise there – the two-Michelin-starred Copenhagen restaurant has been among the most recognisable names in the culinary world for years – having been voted Best Restaurant in the World four times by British magazine Restaurant, and appearing regularly in the top spots of San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best.

But if you missed your chance at their 10-week pop-up in Sydney, fret not. Gourmet & Travel is flying you there with us this weekend. Join G&T on @gourmetandtravel as chef René Redzepi hosts us in a five-day experience, spanning from the farms to the coveted dining tables at Noma Australia. Expect plenty of behind-the-scenes snaps and exclusive insights into how Redzepi runs one of the world’s inimitable experiences.

Diners will be served 10-12 dishes – this time with a touch of Australian influence.

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