hennessy paradis imperial

After three nights in Singapore, all Olivier Paultes wants to do is tuck into a plate of chilli crab. But here he is, on a recent Friday afternoon, spooning mouthfuls of caviar and washing it down with Dom Perignon (2009, no less) as he fields questions from journalists at a private dining room in Les Amis. Tough job. But somebody’s got to do it. And as Hennessy’s director of distilleries, hitting the road to spread the gospel of the new Hennessy Paradis Imperial is par for the course, one that sees him clinking crystal glasses with big spenders across Guangzhou, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

hennessy paradis imperial olivier paultes
Olivier Paultes, Hennessy’s director of distilleries

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In these parts of Asia, the growing thirst for top-shelf cognac has grown beyond Very Special Old Pale (VSOP), aged for at least four years, and Extra Old (XO), aged for over a decade. Even then, the finesse of these cognacs pale in comparison to Hennessy’s Paradis Imperial. “Few eaux-de-vie have the potential to age for a very long time, and for Paradis Imperial, we taste over 10,000 eaux-de-vie every year to find the 10 that have the potential to make Paradis Imperial,” says Paultes.

As far as superlative blends go, Hennessy’s Paradis Imperial is an amalgamation of over 130 eaux-de-vie aged between 30 and 130 years old, resulting in an elegant and subtle cognac boasting aromas of jasmine and orange blossoms.

The liquid gold is housed in a striking crystal decanter designed by artist Arik Levy. Two tulip glasses, similar to those used by Hennessy’s tasting committee, accompanies the bottle. The crystal glasses, when clinked, ring out like church bells, a fitting nod to this liquid masterpiece.

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Hennessy Paradis Imperial is only available through Hennessy’s Private Client channel. Email
clementine.wee@mhdsg.com to place your order.