[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]e know the point of having a home bar is to dazzle guests with hard-earned swizzling skills or your deep understanding of juniper, agave and matching botanicals. But once those legendary soirees are oversubscribed and you’ve established yourself as the top mixologist in your social circles, bar none, consider outsourcing the work to trusty Rusty here so you can actually enjoy being the life of the party again.

Think about it: the six-figure investment in this Instagram story- and Facebook feed-dominating automaton will be a statement and marketing tool in itself. You can still stock el Nino with your signature infusions and ingenious concoctions for the discerning guests, but never again have to suppress your inner eye-roll when your talent is squandered on a G&T (or worse, whisky Coke).

More importantly, your rolling up sleeves to make a bespoke cocktail will, once again, be an event. After all, nothing quite matches the showmanship that a maestro of mix brings to the table.

A sacred ritual, even, that you could reserve for the right person at a separate private bar in, shall we say, a more intimate setting.


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