[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]f you’re a diner with a short span of attention, then a restaurant that keeps changing its menu and look every month, is just the spot for you.

HUSH20 is not so much a pop-up as it is a permanent space that creates a series of concepts lasting just 20 days. When it first opened in November 2018, it kicked off with a Swiss Alps theme where it served raclette and decorated the space with hay. In December it served mussels from Holland and turned the restaurant into a sandy beach complete with fishing nets. For January, it’s got a forest theme and is serving free flow pork and beef ribs with wine and beer for S$79 inclusive of booze.

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“A theme enables us to create an immersive experiential space, from hay or sand on the floor, to what’s on the wall, and what food we serve,” says operations manager Lucas Fays.

HUSH20 is run by the folks behind 13% Gastro Wine Bar and Latin joint Casa Poncho. ‘Hush’ refers to its ‘secret’ location accessed via the backdoor of a shophouse in Duxton Plains Park, while 20 is for the 20/20 vision you need to spot it. It’s also the number of days each concept runs for before the decor is dismantled to prepare for the next one.

It’s been full house from Day One, all “from word of mouth and social media,” says Mr Fays. “When guests walk in, it feels like they’re transported to a different place.”

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Reservations by WhatsApp only: 8127-2728.

This article was originally published in The Business Times.

Photo: HUSH20