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Japanese food and where to find them: the best takeaways and deliveries for 2021

Sushi, somen, or sake – pick your poison and get it brought to your home.

Conventional haute Japanese fare – whether it be kappo-style omakase, or multi-course kaiseki extravaganzas – are delicate, precise affairs. They’re ill-suited for the takeaway box, let alone the back of a delivery rider’s motorized bicycle. But these restaurants have made it happen. Here’s 2021’s best Japanese deliveries (or takeaways, if you’re more trusting of your own driving skills) to sate your thirst for anything north of Kyushu.

  • Cold Chawanmushi Hashida

    Hashida Singapore

    Chef Kenjiro Hashida’s swanky new digs at Amoy Street and unorthodox take on the classics are now available for takeaway only. There’s a humbler a la carte menu with a couple of rolls and chirashi don his way if you’re looking for a quick, yet refined, luncheon – as well as a full-blown omakase. It’s been trimmed down to seven courses for simplicity, though the ingredients are nothing less than a celebration of seasonality. Think deep-fried crab croquettes, black cod in an earthy burdock sauce and chawanmushi, served cold with a dollop of uni and caviar.

    To order, visit the Hashida Oddle page. Or Whatsapp 8129-5336 or email for takeaway only.


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